No one wants to talk about life insurance, but there comes a time when it is very important to do so. You never buy life insurance for yourself, you buy it for your loved ones, and you need to have life insurance for every member of your family. Did you know that grandparents can buy life insurance for their grandchildren? Call us today for an honest discussion about your life insurance needs. Give yourself some peace of mind. We are different and have built a solid reputation in our area.



Nicholas Insurance Agency is an Independent Insurance Agency specializing in automotive, home, life and business insurance. We offer a wide range of coverages to meet your needs, both personal and professional.


Michigan’s No-Fault Car Insurance can be very confusing, so you need to talk to someone that you can trust.  We try to get you the best value for your insurance and we will be there for you when you have a claim.  We will not sell you more than you need,  but we vow to not simply cut coverage’s in order to get your business.  We will earn it by being honest up front and in your corner when you need us.  Call or email us today and find out why we have built such a solid reputation in the Copper Country.


Your house is probably the biggest investment that you have. Are you properly protected? The time to get that question answered is NOT when you have a claim. We know what questions to ask and how to protect you. We strive to find the best value for you,  which may or may not be the cheapest price. If your sump pump quits, are you covered? What do you do if there's a power surge? How about your gun collection, is that covered? We are different. Call to find out why.


We also protect the ‘toys’ that make life fun! Whether it be a camper, gun collection, motorcycle snowmobile, ATV or boat, the amount of money that we all invest in these extras can add up very fast. Make sure that you are protecting them with an agency you trust. Let us guide you by asking the right questions and finding the coverage that gives you peace of mind. See why we have such a solid reputation in the area for our service and our expertise. Call 482-3434 today. 



Protecting your business is one of the most important insurance decisions you can make. It is critical that you are properly protected and you have an agency fighting for you. Call us to find out why we have such a solid reputation for price and service. We work to give you the best package of coverage's possible. Whether it be workers comp., commercial auto, or product liability, we will be there to answer your questions and help you out. You are more than our customer, you're a partner, and we'll work to help you succeed. We are different.  Call us and find out why.


We specialize in health insurance for individuals, not groups. Because we focus on individual products we are able to offer a great deal of expertise. We have received specialized training on the new health care laws (commonly called ‘Obamacare” or “The Affordable Care Act”) and we are fully prepared to assist you and offer advice. Choosing the correct health insurance is very important. Let us guide you along the way.


Providing Your Protection


One of the most needed and least purchased insurance protection is renters insurance. This protects your 'stuff' while you are living in a place that you do not own. This is a very, very affordable insurance,  so please be sure to ask us about this. Call 482-3434 today.


Phone: (906) 482-3434

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Phone: (906) 482-3434

Fax: (906) 482-5308



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